How Blaze works

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Start by joining a room

A room is a collection of users among which you want to send/receive files. Rooms in Blaze can be thought of as group chats in messaging apps. Each user in a room must have a unique name for them to correctly join the room.

All your previously joined rooms show up in Recent Rooms page for quick access in the future. These rooms itself are not persisted on any database and are immediately destroyed once all the users of that room leave.

Joining a room in Blaze
Sending files in Blaze

Send a file!

Sending a file is easy in Blaze. Just click on the 'Send File' button at the bottom right and choose the files that you want to send. Once the files are selected, they would be shared with all the other users in that room.

Blaze uses WebTorrent or WebSockets for sharing files depending on the WebRTC support of the browsers being used. WebRTC is the protocol that makes it possible for the peer-to-peer connection for file transfer.

Do note that if the sender of a file leaves the room and the file isn't transferred to any user yet, the file transfer would get cancelled resulting in no-one receiving the file. This is because your files are not stored on any server and are transferred in real-time when you are online.

Next steps

If you enjoyed using Blaze, you can add Blaze to your home screen! Doing this not only makes Blaze easy to access but it also shows up in the share tray when you are sharing a file from other apps using button.

Since Blaze is an open-source project, do consier checking out it's source code, contributing bug fixes or suggesting new features that can improe Blaze. If you find this project useful, consider giving Blaze a star or sponsoring me on GitHub 💚

Blaze has been tested on:

  • Google Chrome
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Firefox Browser
  • Safari

Adding Blaze to home screen

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